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Sauraha is Nepal’s most famous natural attraction, bringing in thousands of visitors every year. Sauraha is the heart of Chitwan District situated close by the Rapti River and Chitwan National Park. It is the eastern gateway to Chitwan National Park and jungle safaris for each and every traveler with varying budget range. 

Sauraha is one of Nepal’s most visited popular sightseeing areas and is well developed for tourism.  Jungle/wildlife safaris by foot, jeep and elephant will for sure take your breath away at arrival. In the nick of time, you are for sure to see the rhinoceros, the second largest land animal in the world. Not to mention, many types of deer, monkeys, and Bengal tigers will take away the stress from your mind. On top of that, birds chirping in and around the jungle sounds like euphonious music to the ears. 

The “Bish Hajar Taal”(20,000 lakes) wetlands area approximately 10 kilometers northwest from Sauraha is renowned for being a Bird Watching place and home of different species of birds along with migrant birds. 20 Thousand Lake is also famous for alternative Jeep Safari when inside National Park Jeep Safari is closed. 

What you can do in Sauraha: 

famous natural attraction, fishing in a lake, sauraha
fishing, fishing in a lake

Watch the sunset over the National Park / Catch sight of elephants / Bird watch on the oddly-named 20,000 lake / Stay overnight in the jungle spotting wild animals from the lookout tower / Watch a Tharu cultural show/ Hire a bike and wander about Tharu villages / Swim in the river and watch the elephants being bathed / Drink cool beers at one of the “beach” bars / Go for a jungle safari on foot or by jeep / Go for a canoe trip on the river.

You might really like the laid back atmosphere and stay longer than you had originally planned. There are no asphalt roads here, just dirt/mud tracks and hardly any traffic. Life is tranquil here. You will want to spend at least one day in the national park, and a couple more days to walk/bike around. Give yourself at least a minimum of three days.

After Kathmandu and Pokhara, Sauraha is the most important tourist destination in Nepal. The Chitwan National Park, rich in natural beauty and biodiversity has become one of the most popular destinations for tourists. Sauraha offers a multitude of activities suited for the entertainment of the explorer. The adventurous jungle walk, elephant ride, jeep safari, canoe ride, tonka ride, Tharu cultural program, elephant bath, observation of wildlife trophy exhibition, views of sunrise and sunset are the major tourist activities available in Sauraha.

traditional tharu dance at Sauraha in Nepal
traditional tharu dance at Sauraha in Nepal

Similarly, the traditional culture of Tharu community is also the specialty of the area. Sauraha is famous for the study and observation of the indigenous tradition and cultural heritages.

The new visitors are amazed by the number of alluring places along the 7 km distance from Tandi Chowk to Sauraha Chowk. The climate here is surprisingly clean and cool despite being located in the middle of Terai. Elephant race, bullock cart race, tonka race, canoe race and elephant football competition are organized in Sauraha for tourism promotion every year towards the end of December. Even foreigners also participate in these competitions.  

Plan your next trip to Sauraha with your friends. Or, if you’re going solo, even better, grab all this information and make your adventure as best as ever. 

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