Mt. Makalu

Mount Makalu

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The fifth-highest peak in the globe, Mount Makalu, is situated on the boundary of Nepal and Tibet in the Mahalangur region of the Nepal Himalayas. It is southeast of Mt. Everest. Makalu is a solitary summit with a four-sided pyramidal form. The two major subsidiary summits of Makalu, Makalu I and Makalu II, are located 3 km to the north-northwest of the primary peak. The mountain rises to an elevation of 8,463 meters.

The Makalu rural municipality of the Sankhuwasabha District in the Eastern Development Region of Nepal is where Makalu I is located. Expeditions are permitted there. The ascent of Makalu I takes around 75 days.

The way to go to Makalu I is via plane to Tumlingtar. On May 15, 1955, Lionel Terray and Jean Couzy made the first victorious ascent of the summit. The Makalu I trade road starts in Tumlingtar and travels through Bamling, Seduwa, Sadema, KaloPokhari, and ultimately the Base Camp.

The trade road via Tumlingtar is 93.7 kilometers long in total. The 5.8 km-long ascending path is in its entirety. The closest town to Makalu I is Sadema, which is located 41.4 kilometers away. The closest medical facility to the top is located in Murmi Danda, which really is 48.6 kilometers distant.

One of the more challenging and complex eight-thousanders, Makalu is regarded as one of the hardest peaks on the planet to climb. Expeditions to Makalu are challenging due to the peak’s infamously steep slopes and razor-sharp ridges, which make ascending Makalu very exposed to the weather.

Challenging rock mountaineering is required for the summit pyramid’s ultimate climb. Despite the existence of several Makalu expeditions, it is the only 8,000-meter mountain in Nepal where a successful winter ascent of Makalu has not yet taken place.

Mount Everest, Lhotse and Makalu
Panoramic view of Mount Everest, Lhotse and Makalu from Gokyo Ri vith prayer flags – Khumbu valley, sagarmatha national park – Nepal

Nearest Help Center

The nearest help post is located 48.6km away at Murmi Danda. In addition to that, the nearest settlement is 41.4km far; the Sadema Village.

Royalty Fees

For the citizens of Nepal, the local government charges an Rs.2500 fee during the summer and winter seasons while the fee doubles to Rs.5000 in the autumn season.

The most expensive season to ascend the Makaly peak would be spring. If you want to climb the Makalu during the spring season, you will have to pay a royalty fee of Rs.10000.

On the other hand, the royalty fees for foreigners are quite expensive. For outlanders, the royalty fees in the summer and winter seasons are $450. If they want to climb the mountain in Autumn, the fee doubles to $900. And the fee doubles again to $1800 if someone wants to climb the mountain in the spring season.

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