Kanyam Ilam, Nepal

Landscape view of green Tea garden at Illam, Nepal with beautiful mountains and blue sky.

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Kanyam Ilam is a renowned tourist destination in eastern Nepal; the tea garden in Kanyam Ilam is well-known among Nepalese. Kanyam Ilam is a Himalayan tea zone that exports to other countries. Since Kanyam is only around 70 kilometers from India’s border; people from India would travel here to escape the heat. This gorgeous location is ideal for visitors to capture photos and share them with their friends. Ilam district covers an area of 1,703 square kilometers.

It has a range of altitudes ranging from 140 to 3636 meters. It is bordered on the east by Darjeeling, on the west by Morang and Dhankuta districts, on the north by Panchthar, and on the south by Jhapa. As per the 2021 census, the district’s total population was 1,307,669.

Famous Himalayan tea garden

Ilam, known for its tea, is an area mostly blanketed in tea bushes that has a hill town with exquisite sceneries of terraced tea plantations, mountain streams, lush natural forests, holy places, and distinct culture. You may go on day trips or longer excursions from Ilam Bazaar. There are several lodgings in the town in addition to a few resorts.

Another thing you can enjoy in Kanyam Ilam during your vacation is horseback riding, which costs Rs 100 for a brief ride and photo opportunity. Photographing a distinct cultural outfit is also possible here. The spectacular view of the sunrise/sunset seen from the tea plants-covered hill is one of a kind.  Illam is also known for Churpi and Aakabare Khursani, which you may buy throughout your visit, but keep in mind the price. If you have free time and are interested in tea processing plants, you can visit this attraction.

Green tea garden in Kanyam Ilam, Nepal
Green tea garden in Kanyam Ilam, Nepal

How to reach Kanyam Ilam?

The municipality of Ilam is situated at the convergence of the Mechi and Mahendra roads, 78 kilometres away from Charali, Jhapa. Ilam can be easily reached by car through the Mechi highway, which connects the district to the Mahendra highway near Jhapa. If you’re flying, Charali is just 12 kilometres from Bhadrapur International Airport, just a 50-minute flight from Kathmandu. A visitor information desk is available in the Kolbung region, located at the border of Jhapa and Ilam. Additionally, Ilam is accessible by bus from Kathmandu, which takes around half a day to reach.

As beautiful as Kanyam is, there are a lot more places in Ilam district that are as equally as beautiful. We’ve mentioned most of the major attractions below.


Sandakpur may be accessed from Ilam bazaar by getting a taxi up to Maimajhuwa khorsanitar through Mai pokhari and then walking for around 5 hours. Its prominent feature is the spectacular view of four of the world’s five tallest peaks, Mt. Everest, Mt. Kanchenjunga, Mt. Makalu, and Mt. Lotse, from this location, since it is the highest mountain in Eastern Nepal.  The woodlands of this area are home to rare fauna like red pandas, musk deer, and the national bird Danphe.

Kangchenjunga mountain view. Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world.
Kangchenjunga mountain view. Kangchenjunga is the third highest mountain in the world.

Shree Antu

Located at an altitude of 2328m from sea level, Shree Antu is another tourist spot of Ilam which is famous as a sunrise viewing spot. It is believed that the culture of homestay in Ilam began in this place. Besides being a sunrise viewing spot, Lepcha culture, Antu Pokhari, and sungava farming are other attractions of Shree Antu. Visitors can also view a majestic scene of Mt. Kanchenjunga along with the beautiful vast overlay of Ilam and Jhapa from Shree Antu.

The best time to visit Shree Antu would be from October to February.


The ramsar site of Maipokhari is among the most magnificent wetlands in the midland mountain range, with abundant biodiversity, solitude, and serenity. Maipokhari, a star-shaped lake 18 kilometers north of Ilam Bazaar, has nine corners, each of which is thought to pay homage to a different God. As a result, Hindus, Buddhists, and Kirats regard it as a sacred site. The lake, which is surrounded by vegetation, is well known for fishing and boating.

The Pandav brothers, during their sojourn in the bush, traveled around Baraha Chhetra, Arjundhara, and Maipokhari, according to the Hindu sacred text ‘Mahabharata.’ The Nirmal mai ashram, satyadhuni ashram, shiva temple, tashi choling monastery, bhagwati temple, and saraswati temple are among Maipokhari’s other notable attractions. Large fairs are held in this area during Thulo Ekadashi.


Kanyam Ilam is an integral part of Nepal’s tourism sector. It is a beautiful region known for its stunning scenery, tea garden, and vibrant traditions. Kanyam Ilam has become a popular destination for tourists who want to experience and explore the beauty of Nepal and learn about the culture.

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