Kalika Temple, Baglung

Kalika Bhagawati Temple

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The spiritual heart of Nepal, Baglung Kalika temple holds a religious importance. The temple of Baglung Kali is located in the Far Western region of Nepal, inside a forest about 2 km away from Baglung Bazar, the temple as a monument is very rich in its cultural and geographical beauty. It is 68 km away from the city Pokhara. Baglung Kalika is supposed to be built around 1534 by King Mani Mukunda Sen of Palpa, it is said to have been built by the king on the wishes of his daughter Bishrawa Sen after her marriage. 

Images of Mahalaxmi, Mahakali, and Mahabhagawati along with Shivalinga can be found inside the two-storeyed pagoda-style temple. Kali is one of the most powerful and dangerous forms of the Hindu goddess Durga and is often associated with the power ‘Shakti’.

Goddess Kali also portrays the meaning of ‘the black one’. She is considered Kali, consort of Lord Shiva which also means time or death as Lord Shiva is often considered as ‘Kala’, the eternal time.

Goddess Kali is the prime goddess of the Dasa Mahavidyas, ten fierce goddesses of Tantra or the Tantric goddesses. Not only the pilgrims pay this temple a visit, but also tantrics from all over the world come in to get spiritual power and knowledge in the field of their interest.

Near the western gate of Baglung Kalika Temple, there is a flame in Agni Kunda’s sacred place of fire and rest houses. Huge bronze bells and idols of lions recline outside the realm.

Baglung Kalika temple is one of the most religiously significant places located deep inside the dense forest just above the northern side of Kali Gandaki.

It is believed that the goddess fulfills the wishes of the devotees if they come in and pray with a pure heart. The goddess is named “Bhavatarini” meaning ‘Rescuer of Universe’. People come into the temple to get married with a hope of getting blessings from the goddess. Whereas, pilgrims do it from the aspiration of achieving victory over their opponents, win legal cases, find love of their life and for protection from evil eye. 

People from all over the country visit the temple each Tuesday and Saturday and on Ashtami of the full moon calendar during the month of April.  A massive number of pilgrims visit this temple on the yearly occasion of Chaite Dashain Fair. On top of that, Baglung Kalika temple has been enlisted in the Top 100 tourism destinations of Nepal by the Nepal government.

Baglung Kalika Temple is one of those once in a lifetime must visit places with both cultural and natural diversity. From spiritual satisfaction to the spectacular view of the natural dense forest to the opportunity of finding god on our own,  Baglung Kalika Temple is one of the destinations to call for a sojourn in Nepal.

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